About Us

 Naturally Cordina is an online beauty store created with you in mind. In 2015, Cordina left her job at Corporate America and took off to Houston, TX where she began to take hands on courses to enhance her knowledge in her favorite past time of applying makeup to her face. She quickly declined the role as MUA and decided to create a product that could make their jobs easier. Cordina did not just target the MUAs but she targeted the everyday makeup lover and the newbie when she began thinking of the Naturally Cordina Cosmetic brand.

Cordina eventually returned to her home state of MS where she began to create, regroup, and experiment with different products to offer the best quality. She wanted to create products that could be used in the bake and cake process as well as the natural beat. Cordina‚Äôs goal is to provide cosmetics and tools to help each customer enhance their beauty naturally with our highly pigmented, long-lasting, and cruelty free products